(after Dr. Clarke Abel, d. 1826). Caprifolid- cec. Small shrubs: ivs. opposite, small, petioied and mostly dentate: fls. tubular, unequally 5-lobed, in axil lary,1-3-fld.cymes,sometimes forming terminal panicles: fr. a dry, leathery berry. E. Asia, Himalayas and Mexico. Free-flowering low shrubs for cool greenhouse or outdoor cultivation. The Japanese and Chinese species are the hardiest, but in the north require some protection during the winter. The Mexican species are hardy only south. If potted, a sandy compost of peat and loam will suit them; in the open they grow best in sandy soil in a sunny position. Prop. by greenwood cuttings in summer or by layers in spring. Chinénsis, R. Br. (A. rupésiris, Liudi.). Lvs. ovate, rounded at the base, serrate, hairy on the midrib beneath and sometimes with scattered hairs above, deciduous: fls. in terminal panicles, white, %in. long; sepals 5; sta mens exserted. Summer. China. B.R. 32:8. Gn. 27, p. 424. floribunda, Decaisne. Shrub, 4 ft.: ivs. persistent, ovai,crenate-serrate, ciliate: peduncles axillary, 1-3-ild.; corolla rosy purple, 2 in. long; sepals 5. Summer. Mex. B.M. 4316. F.S. 2: 5. R.B. 23:157. grandiflom, Hort. (A. Cliinénsisxuniflora, A. rupe's tris, Ho:-t., not Lindl. A. rupéstris, var. grandiflora, Andre. A. uniflbra, Hort., not Turcz.). Lvs. ovate, rounded or attenuate at the base, serrate, shining above, nearly glnbrous,half-evergreen: fls. in terminal panicles, white flushed pink, over %in. long; sepals 2-5; stamens not exserted. Of garden origin. Gt. 41:1366.— One of the hardiest and most free-flowering Abelias; it flowers continuously from June to Nov. A. biflbra, Turcz. Lvs. ovate-lanceoiate, hairy. coarsely ser rate, deciduous : fls- white: sepals 4. Manchuria, N. China.-— A. serrdla, Sieb. & Zucc. Allied to A. biflora. Sepals 2. Japan. S.Z. 1:34.—A.spathuldta, Sieb.& Zacc. Alliedto A. biflora. Lvs. ovate: fls. ovev 1 in. long, white tinged yeilowin throat; sepals 5. Japan. S.Z. 1:34. B.M. 860l.—A . lriflbra, R. Br. Lvs. persistent, ianceoiate, nearly entire, hairy : fls. white, tinged with pink; sep. 5. linear, long. hairy. Himal. P.F.G. 3: 91. R11. 18701511. A.um'flbra., R.Br. (A. serrnta. Nichols.,not S.&1 Z.). Lvs. persis tent, ovateianceoiate : fls. rosy white with yellow in throat; sepals2. China. B.M.4694. Gn. 2'7,p.-125. ALFRED REHDER_