Abelia biflora

Abelia biflora


What is Abelia

Abelia is a previous plant genus that belonged to the Caprifoliaceae family honeysuckle family. It had 30 plant hybrids and species. In 2013, molecular phylogenetic studies found that the genus was not monophyletic. The genus was merged with Linnaea with the exception of the Zabelia section. The latter became a genus.

The plants were native to Mexico in South America and eastern Asia. Some species were deciduous in cold areas while others evergreen in warm climates. The plants had ovate, glossy leaves that grew up to 8cm long.

The colors of the leaves ranged from dark green to purple-bronze to red as the plant matured. Abelia plants had scented, bell-shaped flowers with white to pink petals. The flowering season began in late spring to fall.

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