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Abutilon (Indian Mallow, Velvetleaf)

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Abutilon (Indian Mallow, Velvetleaf)

(name of obscure origin). Malvdcem. Fnowsamo MAPLE. Attractive coolhouse shrubs and window plants. Lvs. Long-Stalked, often maple-like: tie. With naked 5-cleft calyx. Five separate obovate petals, many stamens united in a column about the many-branched 4. Abutilon striatum (X M). Style. Of very easy culture in conditions which are suit able for geraniums or fuchsias. Usually grown in pots, but sometimes bedded out in summer.

Dwarf and com pact varieties suitable for bedding are becoming popular. The tall varieties are adaptable to growing on rafters or pillars. A . slrialum and A. Thompsoni arc the commonest _ type forms. Propagated by green wood cuttings at any Bcn.- ' son, preferably in late winter or early spring; also freely by seeds. Many horticultural varieties, some of them no doubt hybrids, are in common cultivation.

Following are well known: Arthur Bel sham, red, shaded gold. Boule de Neige, pure white, very free. Eclipse, foliage mnrbled green and yellow: fls. of fair size; __/ sepals scarlet; petals orange-bufl : suited for baskets and vases: a form ofA. mega polamicum (another Eclipse is known). Erecta, pink orange-veined erect fls. Gol den Bell, deep yellow, free-flowering. Golden Fleece, pure yellow, free-flowering. Mary Miller, deep rose pendulous fls. Mrs. John Laing, purplish rose. Rosie flora, pinkish rose. Royal Scarlet, rich, shining scarlet. Santana, deep red. Savitzii, dwarf, with white-edged foliage: useful for bedding. Snow Storm, semi-dwarf, pure white. Souvenir de Bonn, lvs. Large, deep green, not mottled, but edged with it broad white margin: dis tinct and striking: a useful bedding plant. Splendens, bright red.

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