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(from akaina, thorn). Rosdcea. Dwarf, hardy perennial sub-shrubs with inconspicuous green flowers, cultivated in rockcries for their showy crimson spines, which are borne on the calyx; 1-12 in. As ground work for dwarf, spring-flowering ulbs, as trilliums, they are unsurpassed. Useful in protecting native orchids and bog plants. Prop. by cuttings, creeping rootlets, divi sions and seeds. Munogr. by T. Citerne, in Revue des Sciences Naturclles de l’Ouest, 1871, Nos. 1, 2, 3. microphylla, Hook. f. Lvs. evergreen, pale, pinnate, serrate: spines attractive all summer and autumn.

N. Zeal.—Grows well in either wet or dry soils. ovaliiolia, Ruiz & Pav. Lvs. a little larger than the latter; leaflets oblong, subcuneate. Chile. (in. 52, p. 46. A. améntea, Ruiz & Pav. Lvs. silvery. Chilean Andes.—A. ad|cénde1u,Vnhl. Austral.—A. cunedta, Hook. & Arn.. is agood species according to some, but may — A. sericea. l\lngelian.—A. millefblia, Nicholson. Fruit not in globular heads. Huh. I A. my/riophfilla. Lindl. Fern-like. Chile. Gn.37. p. 177.—.4. Nova-Zea-ldndirc. T. Kirk. Good species according to some, but may==A. microphylla.—.-i. ovina, A. Cunn. Austrai.—A. - no-ttfida. Ruiz $1 Pav. Chile.—-A. pulchélla, Nicholson. vs. bronzy.

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