(a name given by Hippocrates to a net tle). Euphorbidceaa. Tender foliage plants much used for greenhouse ornament, and especially for bedding out. For the latter purpose it is desirable to have strong, well hardened plants in 5-in. pots, which should be set out the last week in May, and grown in a rich soil with out check. Prop. by cuttings, chiefly in three ways: (1) in fall from outdoor bedded_piants ; (2) from plants lifted in fall, cut back, and kept for spring stock; (3) from stock plants in pots reserved from the revious season. The well rl ned wood of these ast is a great advantage, and glfes cuttings that may ii. Aealypha Wllkesians, var. Macaieana (X is). be taken with a heel. A mature stem will furnish sev eral beside the top one. This is the best method for gen eral purposes. Cuttings are taken below joints, and re quire mild bottom heat. For greenhouse ornament in fall and winter, excellent specimens may be secured from cuttings made in summer from such stock plants. Cult. by Rossm Snoins.