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Terrestrial stove orchids. Fls. rather large, racemose, few ; sepals combined to form a broad pitcher. They do best in a compost of loam and leaf-mold. Being natives of the hottest, moist, densely shaded jungles, they require much heat and moisture during the growing period. Good drainage is essential. Prop. by dividing the psendobulbs as soon as growth begins. Cult. by E. 0. 0119121‘. Iavtnioum, Blume. Fls. yellow and red, with dis tinct longitudinal stripes. Java. B. M. 4492. A. Mcolor. Lindl. Fls.purple and yellow.—-A. C1Zrtin'i.Reichb. t. Fls. many colored. Distinguished by the five keels between the side lacinim. Malay Arch. G.C.II. 25 :1@.—A. Sylhcténu. hind]. Fls. white, much spotted. Himalayas.

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