(akanthos, spine, and linen, sea lavender). Syn.,Armeriastrmn. Plumbagindcem. Hardy evergreen perennials; dwarf, tufted, with sharp-pointed, rigid leaves; less common than Statice and Armeris. An oriental genus of slow-growing and sun-loving plants for rockeries. Prop. by seeds (which germinate slowl ) sown carefully on a warm but somewhat shaded bo er, and transplanted when plants are large enough to handle; by cuttings made in late summer and wintered in a frame: by very carefully made divisions. Boissier describes 74 species in the Flora Orientalis. See A. Bunge, Die Gat tung Acantholimon, St. Petersburg, 1872. glumlceum, Boiss. Height 6 in.: lvs. green : fls. small, rose, on one-sided, s icate racemes, 6-9 in each short, dense spikelet. July— ept. Armenia. F. S. 7:677. Gn. 31: 592. R. H. 1891, p. 489. venultum, Boiss. (Armeridsfrum dianthilblium, O. Kuntze). About 8 in.: lvs. grey-green, ve stifi: fls. larger than the last, rose, 12-20 in each long, oose spike let. July—Sept. Asialilinor. R.H. 1866:4510. Gn. 13:117. B. M. 7506. Gu. 53, p. 405. J. B. KELLER and w_ M‘