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Acer (Maples)

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Acer (Maples)

(classical Latin name). Sapindciceo. MAPLE. Trees, rarely shrubs: lvs. opposite, long petioled, simple and mostly paimately lobed, or 3-5-ioliolate, deciduous: fls. small, in racemes or corymbs; petals generall 5; stamens 4-12, mostly 8: fr. compound of two ong winged nutlets called samaras. Asia, especially E. Asia, N. Amer., Europe. Monograph by Pax in Engler's Bot. Jahrb., 6:287, and 8:177 (1885 and 1886), supp]. in the same, 16:39}! (1893), and Hook. 10. Plant. 19, t. 1897 (1889). The maples are among our most ornamental and valuable trees for park and street planting. Nearly all assume a splendid color in autumn, especially the species of N. Amer. and E. Asia, which surpass by far the European maples. Many of them are valuable tim ber trees, and some American species, especially A. saccharum, produce sugar.

For purposes of shade, the common sugar maple is best and most popular. The Norwa maple makes a Vl‘I')‘ dense and round head, and is exce eat for lawns, but it is too low-headed for the streets. The silver maple, A. sarcharinum and its vars., is also popular where quick-growing trees are de sired. The Japanese maples are among the most strik ing and showy exotic small trees, and are adapted for line grounds and for growing in pots.

Propagate by seeds sown in autumn, or stratified and sown in spring. The early ripening species, like A . sncchnrirmm and A . ru brum, must be sown soon after maturity; the varieties and rare species may be budded in summer on the typical forms or allied common kinds; some shrubby species, as A.palmatum, also A. ciuifolium and A. lwlum, var. rubrum, may be propagated by layers or half-ripened greenwood cuttings in summer.

Fancy maples are readily winter-grafted b the veneer method, the stocks being grown in pots. he Japanese kinds are usuall worked on imported stocks of A. palmatum. Monograp of the garden forms and varieties by Gral Schwerin in Gt., 1893; see, also, (1.0. II. 16:75. About 100 species. The following species of maple are cult. in this coun try: campestre, No. B; carpinifolium, 28; circlnatum, 15; cissifoiium, 30; dasycarpum, 1; Floridanum, 5; Ginnala, 24; glabrum, 14; grandidentatum, 6; Hel dreichi, 20; insigne, 22; ltalum, 7; Japonicum, 17; im tum, 12; macrophyllum, 18; Monspessulanum, 9; Ne gundo, 31; nigrum, 4; Nikoense, 29; palmatum (poly morphum), 16; Pennsylvanicum, 27; pictum, 11; pla tanoides, 13; Pseudo-plantanus, 19; rubrum, 2; ruflnerve, 26; saccharinum, 1; saccharum, 3; spicatum, 25; Ta taricum, 23; Trautvetteri, 21; truncatum, 10.

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