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(Olaus Celsius, 1670-1756, a Swedish oriental ist). Scrophuluridrew. Herbs, with yellow fls. in termi nal racemes or spikes. closely allied to Verbascum, but has only 4 stamens, and they are of two sorts. There are many species. Only 0. Grética, Linn.f.. is known in Amer., and that very sparingly. it is a hardy or half hardy biennial, with alternate lvs., of which the lower are pinnate and the upper toothed and claeping: fls. large and rotate (nearly 2 in. across), yellowish, with dark markings in the center and conspicuous deflexed stamens. Stout, hairy plant, 3-6 ft. high, from Crete. B.M. 964.

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