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Ranunculdcem. Acomra. Momcsaoon. Woarsamn. A genus of hardy ornamental, perennial herbs, much used in borders, etc. Many species are planted in European gardens, but only nine have been much used in America. The number of species varies from 18 to 80, with diflerent botanists.

Native in moun tain regions of Europe, temperate Asia, and five in N. Amer. Root tuberous, turnip-shaped, or thick fibrous: st. tall or long, erect, ascending or trailing: lvs. pal mately divided or cleft and cut-lobed: fls. large, irregu lar, showy; sepals 5, the large upper sepal in shape of a hood or helmet; petals 2-5, small; stamens numerous; carpels 3-5, sessile, many-ovuled, forming follicles when ripened. The following species do well in any garden soil, but rich preferred; they thrive in open sun, but flowers last longer in shaded places. Aconites should never be planted in or too near the kitchen garden or the children's garden, as the roots and some of the flowers have a deadly poison. Propagate easily by division.

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