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(ancient name of unknown meaning). Aroldece. Hardy, herbaceous water-loving plants. Lvs. sword-shaped, erect; spadix appearing lateral, with no true spathe: tis. inconspicuous. They thrive best in moist soil, and may be grown in shallow water or on dry land.

Propagate easily in spring or autumn by division. Oalamus, Linn. Swssr Fnae. Height 2 ft. : root stock horizontal, pungent, aromatic. Fls. early summer. N. Amer., Eu. Var. variegatus, Hort. Lvs. striped deep yellow when young, fading to a paler color later in sum mer. Eu.-Commoner in cult. than the type. gramineus, Soland. Height 8-12 in. Much smaller than A . Ca lamua, forming compact, grassy tufts. Japan. Var.va1'le$M\1s, Hort. Lvs. striped white. Used in hang ing baskets,vases, rockeries and for cutting.

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