(akiin, ray; referring to the radiate styles). Ternsirrrrnidcea. Hardy climbing deciduous shrubs, strong-growing and excellent for covering ar bors, screens, trellises, walls and low buildings. Re markably free from insects and fungi. Lvs. alternate, long-petioled, serrate: fls. axillary, single or in corymbs, polygamous, white, cup-shaped. 34,-‘/4'in. in diam.; sepals and petals 5; stamens and stigmas numerous: berry many-seeded, about 1 in. long. edible. E. Asia, Hima layas. Prop. by seeds, by greenwood cuttings in sum mer, or by hardwood cuttings; also by layers. Mono graph by Maximowicz in Diagn. Plant. As. Nov. 6: 422.