(named after M. Adanson, French bota nist). Malvdcem. The Baobab is said to have the thick est trunk of any tree in the world. Adansonia has no congeners familiar to the horticulturist : fls. large. pen dulons ; petals 5, white, obovate ~ stamens numerous ; ovary 5-10-celled : fr. oblong, woody, indehiseent, filled with a mealy pulp in which are numerous seeds. digitata, Linn. Baosas Tans. Height not more than 60 ft.; diam. said to he sometimes 30 ft. or more : lvs. palmate, with 3 leaflets in young plants, and 5-7 in older ones: fls. 6 in. across, with purplish anthers on long ax illary, solitary pednncles. Africa. B.M. 2791.—Rarely cultivated in extreme S. I~‘la., where fr. is 9-12 in. long, and called "Monkey's Bread."