(aden, gland, stoma, mouth; calyx with 5 glands at the mouth). Rosdcem. Shrubs, rarely small trees : lvs. linear, small : fls. white, about 1-5 in. broad, in terminal panicles; petals 5, stamens 10-15: fr. a small akene. Two s ecies in Calif. Heath-like ever green shrubs ; very andsome when in full bloom. They may be cult. in temperate regions in a sunny posi tion and well drained soil. A. fasciculalum stands many degrees of frost. Prop. by seeds and greenwood cuttings in spring. h-lcitmlatum, Hook. & Arn. Shrub, 2-20 ft.: lvs. fas ciculate, linear: panicles rather dense, 2-4 in. long: fls. nearly sessile. May-June. Ranges northward to Sierra Co. The characteristic shrub of the chaparral or chamisal regions of the coast ranges of Calif. lnt. 1891. sparsifolium, Torr. Shrub or small tree, 6-12 ft., rarely 30 ft., resinous : lvs. alternate : panicles loose ; fls. pedicelled, larger, fragrant. S. and Lower Calif. 111'“ 1391- ALFRED Rsnnnn.