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Adlum, John

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Adlum, John
Plate II. Grape experimenter, and author of “Memoir on the Cultivation of the Vine,” 1823 and 1828, the first separately published American grape book. Born in York, Pa., Apr. 29, 1759. Died at George town, D. C., Mar. 1, 1836. He was a soldier in the Revo lution, major in the provisional army in the administra tion of the elder Adams, and later a brigadier-general in the militia of Penns lvania. He was also a surveyor and civil engineer. e also held an associate judgeship in Lycoming coun , Pennsylvania, having been ap pointed by Gov. Mi 'n. He was a friend of Priestly, and endeavored to apply the scientific knowledge of his time to agriculture. He early became interested in the ame lioration of the native grapes, and established an experi mental vineyard in the District of Columbia. He en deavored, but. without success, to secure the use of cer tain public land in Washington for the purpose of "cul tivating an experimental farm.” He brought the Ca tawba grape to public notice. He was a pioneer in the awakening industrial activity of our new country. The botanist, Rafinesque, commemorated his name in the pretty genus Adlumia; but otherwise he has remained practically unknown until very recently. For further information, see Bailey, “Evolution of our Native Fruits-” L. H. B.

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