(from Eglc, one of the Hesperides). Rufclcecv, tribe Am-anliecc. Small, strongly spinose trees, with al ternate, trifoliolate leaves. Distinguished from the nearly related genus Citrus (particularly 6'. trifoliata) by the hard, gourd-like rind of its fruit and its viscous, woolly seeds. Iarmelos,Con-ea. Ennrnaxr Arena. 1\L\R1.-znoo. Bax oax. QUINCI-2. Bi-nu. Fsvrr. Small tree: fr. large, 2-4 in. in diam., round or pear-shaped. Trop. Asia.—Cult. in S. Fla. and Calif., and in hothouses. The wood is valued for its strength, and the sweet, aromatic pulp is used medicinally in India for diarrhoea and dysentery, and also as a lemonade and conserve. H_ J. wEBBER_