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(Greek,a:'~r-plant).Orchidr)ce¢r,tribe Vdndew. Epiphytes: stems erect, roundish: lvs. distichous, strap shaped and spreading, coriaceous, deeply channeled at the base, obtuse: pednncles from the axils of the lvs.; fls. in loose or dense racemes; petals narrower than the sepals. A genus of remarkably beautiful plants, which develop well under cultivation. Species confined to the tropics of the Old World. The genus Aiirides, though not in general cultivation, has many sterling qualities to recommend it. Some of the species produce dense racemes of great beauty, which emit a pleasing fra grance, and for decorative purposes have few if any rivals in the Orchid family. The genus oflers no excep tional difilculties to the horticulturist. OAKES AMEs_