(ancient name of some oak, or mast-bean ing tree). Sapinddcew. HORSE-CHESTNUT. Bnoxnrs. Deciduous trees and shrubs: lvs. opposite, long-petioled, digitate ; leaflets 5-7, large, serrate 2 fls. symmetrical in terminal, showy panicles; petals 4-5, stamens 5-9: fr. a large trilocular capsule with 1-6 seeds. N. Amer., E. Asia, Himal., N. Greece. Ornamental trees and shrubs with handsome fls.; hardy except the Californian and Himalayan species, growing best in moist and loamy soil. The larger-growing species are excellent shade trees, and the fls. are showy and interesting. The fr. is not edible. Prop. by seeds, to be sown in the fall or stratifled, or by grafting and budding on common species, and the shrubby forms also by layers. 1'. pan-iflora prop. also by root-cuttings.