(aitho, scorch, and nema, filament; probably referring to appearance of stamens). Crucif env. Dwarf shrubs for the hardy herbaceous border or rockery. Less common than Iberis. The genus difiers from Iberis in having all its petals equal, and from Le pidium in having its four stamens longer, winged and toothed. Fls. various shades of pink and purple. W’. B. Hemsley, in Gn. 9, pp. 108, 109. They dislike a moist or stiif soil or shady places; but in light, sand loam, on dry and sunny slopes, they are compact and ranchy, and when once fairly established will last for many successive years without replanting or -renewal, while under the opposite conditions the plants grow feeble and lanky, and may die after a year or two. They keep fully as well as the Candytufts~in water, and can be cut with longer and straighter stems. Prop. by seeds in spring or by cuttings in summer ; annual and biennial kinds by seeds. J_ B_ Kxhwm