(Greek aganoa, desirable). A small genus of tropical American epiphytal orchids, little cult. in N. Amer. Botanically allied to \Varrea and Zygopetalum. Need a humid atmosphere. Grown on blocks in high temp. Prop. by dividing pseudobulbs. tricolor, N. E. Brown. Fls. in a raceme; sepals whit ish; petals light blue; lip in the form of a saddle, marked with orange-brown. S. Amer. pulchélla, Lindl. Fls. white, blotched yellow on the lip, in a racemose spike from the base of the bulb. S. Amer. The above species are the only ones known to have been offered in theAmer. trade. Therearefiortiothors. A.c¢rrdlea. Reichb. f. Fla. in axillary peduncles, blue-blotched, the lip bristled. Braz. —A. 0|/dnea, Benth. & Hook. (not Rein-hb., which = Acacaulis cyanea). Much like A. tricolor, the lip blue and undulnte at the tip. BR. 1845: %3, as Wan-ea cineres, Lindl.; also, W. cysnea, Lind1.(see Rolfe.. (.i.C.1Il. 6. p. 492).