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(agape, love, and rmlhos, flower). Lil idcew. Conservatory plants, with tuberous rootstocks, tall simple scape, and 2-bracted umbel of handsome fls.: erianth with 6 wide-spreading divisions, nearly regu ar: pod many-seeded; seeds flat, Winged above: foliage evergreen. In this country, Agapanthuses are usually grown in tubs (the roots are apt to burst pots), and are flowered in late spring or early summer in the conservatory, win dow garden, or living room. The plant is kept dormant during winter, as in a frame or light cellar, only enough life being maintained to prevent the lvs. from fallin (the var. albidus usually loses its leaves). When in b oom, give abundance of water. Plants will bloom many years if given a large enough tub, not allowed to become over crowded in the tub, and supplied with manure water, sending up many clusters each year. Good results can also be obtained in sin le pots. It forces well. If kept dormant until spring, t ey may be bedded in the open, or massed in vases, for summer bloom. Prop. by divid ing the roots (and rarely by seeds). Old roots break up more easily if soaked in water a few hours. When dor mant. the plant will stand a few degrees—usually 10° or less—of frost.

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