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(Greek for not growing old, probably applied first to some other plant). Compdsiftv. About 40 species of trop. Amer. herbs, with opposite stalked lvs.and blue or white fls. in small terminal cymes or panicles. conyzoides, Linn. (A. Mezicdraum, Sims, and Hort.). Fig. 51. Annual and pubescent : lvs. -ovate-deltoid, crenate-serrate: fls. blue or white, or varying to rose. Ordinarily a rather loose-growing plant a foot or two high, but there are dwarf and compact forms ; also va riegated forms. Trop. Amer. B.M. 2524.—'l‘his is the common ageratum of gardeners and florlsts. It is easily grown from seeds, sown in the border where the plants are to stand, or started in the house or hotbed. if the plants are to be used for bedding, they should be placed a foot or less apart. They thrive in any garden soil and exposure. They bloom all summer; and if sown in late summer or fall, they give winter bloom under glass. The plant sold as A. conspicuum is an Eupatorium; and that sold as A. Laaseduzii is a Conoclinium. L. H. B.

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