(Greek for field and wheat). Graminew. Perennials or annuals, with leaf-blades fiat or convo lute : spike terminal. usually stifl ; spikelets large, 3-8 fld., compressed, sessile at each joint of the simple spike, the side of the spikelet placed next the axis. Species about 30. Temperate regions of Amer. and En. repens, Beauv. Qvacx Gaass. Coocn Gaass. QUICK Gases. QUITCH Gaass. A smooth, pale green or glaucous perennial, very variable, with the in ternodes of the rootstock long. In many places it has become one of the worst weeds, spreading in veterately by its underground stems. Fig. 53. It may be destroyed by constant and thorough tillage. Often valuable to hold loose lands. Considered by some stock raisers as a valuable hay grass.