(an ancient Greek name for Darnel). Gramm ca. HAIR GR-ASS. A genus containing delicate annual grasses, with slender, loose paniclc-branches: spikelets very small, of two perfect contiguous flowers: flowering glume acutely 2-cleft at the apex, bearing a slender twisted awn below the middle. Eu., N. Afr.—This genus is much confused with Agrostis by florists. Not. from Eu. and cult. for dry bouquets. caryophylléa, Linn. (Agr6sh's élegans, Hort., not Guss.). A slender and elegant tufted annual, 10-20 in. high, bearing a very diffuse panicle of purplish and at length silvery scarious spikelets. éleganu. Gaud. (Agréslis élegans, Hort., not Guss.). A slender, erect and very pretty annual, from a few inches to a foot high, with widely spreading capillary panicles of many small spikelets. 54. Agrostll nebuloaa. A. cmspitoaa, Linn.-— Deschampsla c4espitosa.—A. cmrfllra. Liun.= Molinia ccerulea. M6nch.—A. Ilrzuosa, Linn.-= Des chamnsia flexuosa. P_ B_ KENNEDL