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Ajuga (Bugleweed)

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Ajuga (Bugleweed)

(From the Latin a, not, and jugare, to yoke; because the calyx is not bilabiate)

English Names: Bugle, Bugle Weed, Carpenter's herb, Middle comfrey,
Middle consound, Sicklewort, Dead man's bellows, Helfringwort, Wild mint.

NUMEROUS small blue flowers carried in erect spikes, from six to twelve inches high, on creeping leafy stems. Foliage oval and glossy, forming a dense ground covering. A very fast-spreading creeper useful for covering shady slopes. A hardy perennial of easiest culture in any common soil; will grow in sun or shade.

Propagate by seed or by division. Var. rubra. More commonly cultivated than the type, on ac count of its dark pur plish leaves; its flowers are blue like those of the type. Var. variegata (shown in the photograph) has leaves splashed and edged with creamy yellow. Not so good as the type.

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