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(from an Arabic name). Rosdcece. Hardy herbaceous perennials with corymbose, incon spicuous fls., suitable for rockeries and front rows of borders. Of easiest culture. Height 6-8 in. Prop. by division or seeds. Native in Eu., and A. arvénsis is sparingly naturalized in this country. There are also tropical species. alpine, Bieb. Lvs.digitate, 5-? cut: leaflets usually 7, lanceolate-cuneate, obtuse, serrate at apex, silky hairy beneath,shiny. Eu. serioea, Willd. Lvs. larger than in A. nlpina, 5-T nerved, digitate; leaflets 7, lanceolate, acute, deeply ser rate from the middle to apex, downy beneath. Cau casns. vulgaris, Linn. (A. montdna. Schmidt). LADY'S Mau 'rnx. Lvs. 7-9 nerved, 7-9 cut; reniform,plicate-con cave. N.‘ Temp. Zone. J’ B. KELLER.

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