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(Greek: farinose or Iloury). Euphor bidcew. Half dozen or less tropical species of evergreen trees, with small monmcious white fls. in terminal. lax cymes and alternate, entire or 3-lobed lvs. with 2 glands at the top of the petiole. triloba, Forst. Casnnamrr, or CANDLEBIRRY Tana. Small tree, with 3-5-lobed pubescent lvs., originally from the eastern tropics, but now widely distributed : cult. for its edible nut, which is spheroidal, ‘nearly 2 in. in diam., 2-loculed, each compartment containing a walnut like seed. The dried kernels are burned for illumina tion by natives. The nuts yield oil which is used in food or as a dryer in paint. The oil is variously known as Indian Walnut Oil, Kekune Oil, Kukui Oil. Spar ingly cult. in S. Calif. and S. Fla. Fruits in S. Calif. sun. The bushy ALEURITES mean, Steud. Lvs. broadly ovate, acuminate, deeply cordate, 3-5 cuspidate or lobed. S. China.—Yields an excellent lac varnish. L_ H_ B_

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