Alfalfa, Lucerne

(Medicdgo saliva. Llnn.). A deep-rooted perennial forage plant of the Legumiuosm. The plant grows a foot or two high, bears pinnate lvs. with 3 ovate-oblong toothed leaflets, and small head-like racemes of purple clover-sha ed fls. It is native to Eu. In the arid parts of the U. ‘. it is the staple hay and forage plant, and it is also grown to a considerable ex tent in the E. Two to six mowings may be made each year from established meadows. Fifteen to 20 lbs. of seed are sown to the acre; and the seed is preferably sown alone, without another crop. Alfalfa should not be pastured the first year. In two or three years it be comes thoroughly established and productive, and it should continue for many years. June grass often runs it out in a cool, moist climate. Alfalfa often becomes a weed in waste places.