(its Mauritanian name). Leguminbszr. Low, spiny, much branched shrubs: lvs. oblong, small, ob tuse, entire, alternate : fls.papili0naceous, in few-fld. racemes. Summer. Three closely allied species from Greece and Egypt to Himalayas, producing the Persian or Alhagi Manna. They may be cult. in temperate re gions in dry and sunny positions and prop. by seeds and greenwood cuttings under glass with a little bottom Gilt. A. cam¢lbrum,Fisch. CAMEL'S THOR-N. Glabrous at length: ovary glabrous. Cau. to Himal.-—A. maurbr-um, DC. Pubes cent : ovary pubescent. Egypt to Persin.—A. yrwcorum. Boiss. Very spiny and more denseh! pubescent: ovary pubescent. G1'°°°°- ALFRED Rnnnrn.