(derivation doubtful). Alismdceaa. Hardy aquatics,with small white or pale rose fls. on scapes with whorled,panicled branches. Perennial by a stout proliferous corm. Useful in ponds. Prop. by division or seeds. Plantago, Linn. Warns PLANTAIN. Lvs. variable, but usually broadly cordate-ovate; thinner and nur rower when growing under water. Panicle 1-2 ft. long. Common in swales and still waters in U. S.; also in Eu. A. ndtans. Linn., is now referred to the monotypic genus Elisma (E. natans, Buch.). It is native to Eu., and is oflered in foreign catalogues. Fl. white, single, on a long peduncle: float ing lvs. elliptic and obtuse.