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(Dr. Allamand, Leyden). Apocymlcaz. Greenhouse shrubs, mostly climbers. Lvs. entire, whorled: fls. terminal, large and funnel-shaped, with a flat-spreading or reflexed limb, the tube inflated below the throat: ovary 1~loculed: stamens 5, the filaments very short. Allamandas are of easy culture. They are usually grown in the ground or in large tubs, and trained on the rafters. For best results, they should have plenty of kinds, as A. neriifolia, A. grandiflom and A. Williamsi, may be grown as specimen plants in pots. The strong kinds, as ~A. Soholiii, are some times used as stocks upon which to graft the weaker ones, particularly if roof plants are desired. Prop. by cuttings of growing wood in a bottom heat of 75°; also by layers. The species are much confused.

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