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(ancient Latin name). Lilidcea. Bulbous plants, mostly cult. in the open ; but a few, of which A. Neapolitanum is an example, are oftener grown indoors. Fls. in a simple umbel, from a 1-2-lvd. usually scarious spathe; stamens and perianth segments 6; style slender, the stigma either entire or parted. Alllums are of the easiest cult., for which consult Bones. For the vegetable-garden members of the genus, see Ciuvss, GARLIC, LEEK, ONION, Sl>b\LLO'l‘. Allium vineclle, a bad weed in parts of the northeastern states, has a slender scape sheathed below with hollow thread shaped lvs., and greenish rose-colored fis. (or bulblets in the place of 11s.).

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