(diverxely platted ; referring to ap pearance of the calyx). Gesnerdcere. Tender tropical evergreen shrubby plants,witl1 tubular yellowish axillary fls., borne singly, to be grown in hothouses and given the treatment required by Gesneras. A. répms, Hook. Trailing by means of roots thrown out be tween the pairs of lvs.: lvs. ovate, coarsely serrate, hairy or smooth: caLvx pale green, blotched with purple; corolln yellow, tinged red, gaping; tube swollen at the base; limb of four spread ing segments, the uppermost being twice cut. E. Ind. B.M. 4250. -—A.sparsi/loru:.l\Iart. Erect: lvs. ovate-oblong, acute entire; petiole and nerves beneath often red : calyx of 5 cordate or tri angular dark blood or purple sepals, forming a striking contrast to the yellow club-shaped densely hairy corolla: limb of corolla sf equal segments. Bras. B. )1. 4216, ermneously as A. 1c rous.