(Arabic name). Lilizlcew, tribeAIoinew. Aceti lescent or variously caulcscent succulents: lvs. often large,,usually crowded in rosettes or along end of st.: fls. red or yellow, often paler-striped, straight, tubular, 'with short, straight limb, equaled or surpassed by the stamens. Afr., especially in the Cape region, one species about the Mediterranean and extensively naturalized in all warmer parts of the world, and one in China. Plants of the coolhouse, best planted out in a well-drained place in summer, when they flower prettily. Prop. by seed, which usually is not true to name, and by suckers or cuttings well dried-off. Branching for this purpose may be induced by searing the crown of old plants. Hy brids are said to occur with Gasteria (A. Bedinghuus-ii =A . aristata x G. nigricans; A. Beguim'=A . aristata x G. 1'er1'uc‘osa ; A . Laprn';rii=A. aristatax G. maculata; A. Lym-hii=A. striata-x G. t'er1-ucow, and A. Nou-olnyi =A . aristata x), and with Lomatophyllum (A . Hagen‘: A. sen-ataxL. sp.). J. G. Baker, in Jour. Linn. Soc. Bot. 18, pp. 152-182. WILLIAM TRm_EAsE_