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(Prosper Alpinus, an Italian botanist). Scitamindcew. Stove herbs, cult. both for lvs. and the racemes or panicles of fls. The ii. has 3 exterior parts and 4 interior parts. The lowermost part is lobed or tubular. Stamens with petal-like filament. They need high temperature, much water, light soil, and abundance of room. After flowering, allow them to rest in heat, but do not dry them 011'. Prop. by dividing the ginger like roots. Alpinia contains many handsome species, but only a. few are common in cultivation. They are tropical plants, and require a moist air and stamp. of 55° to 60° F. A mixture of 2 parts loam, 1 part leaf-mold, and 1 part dried cow-manure forms an excellent compost. While growing, they need an abundance of water, and the large growing kinds re uire large pots or tubs. The plants are prop. by division(in the spring. A. 11 ulans is grown for its handsome fls., and attains a height of 12 or 13 ft. .4. 1-iltafa is opulsr on account of its variegated foliage. A. mutica as very showy fls., but is probably not in the Amerman ""'d°- Cult. by Ronnnr CAMERON.

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