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Alstroemeria (Lily of the Incas)

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Alstroemeria (Lily of the Incas)

Slender, irregular, lilylike blossoms varying from rose to cream, carried in a loose spike on somewhat weak, leafy stems about two and a half feet high. Foliage rather slender and grayish-green, not persistent, and should be concealed after the blooming season. Very effective in the herbaceous border or against a background of shrubbery. The flowers last well when cut.


A delicate tuberousrooted perennial which is usually hardy as far north as Washington,and with proper treatment seems regularly to survive the winters in points farther north. Should be deeply planted in a partially shaded situation. The best soil is a rather light compound of vegetable humus; or decayed cow or stable manure well worked into any light, well-drained soil is to be liberally supplied with water at all times during growth, and in winter should be covered with leaves to a depth of eight inches or more. The surest treatment in cold climates is to lift

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