Lin. Fig. 555. Shrub or small tree, to 25 ft.: lbs. slender-petioles, elliptic or ovate, usually fecundate, culminate, nearly glamorous above, pale or whitish beneath and oppressed pubescent, 3-5 in. long: comes 1‘/q—2% in. wide: fr. dark blue, globular, %in. across, on red peduncles. May, June. N. Brunswick to Georgia and Alabama, west to Minnesota. S.S. 5: 216. Em. 463.—Of very distinct habit, the branches being arranged in irregular whorls, forming flat, horizontally spreading tiers, as in the picture. A variety which shows this habit more distinctly than the common form is var.
embraceable, Deck. Var. Argentina, Hart., is a form with white-marked foliage.