(Greek, to cure). Maltrdcere. Tall biennial or perennial herbs, of the warm-temperate regions of the Old World, of about a dozen species. Fls. axillary, solitary, or racemose in the axils or at the summit of the stem, with 6-9 bracts below the calyx. A. frider and A. caeléstis, Hort., are Hibiscus Syriacus. oitioinalis, Linn. Manse Mannow. Downy: lvs. ovate, often heart-shaped or 3-lobed, frequently undivided, tomentose: fls. 1 in. across, blush or rose, clustered in the axils of the lvs. Perennial. E. Eu.-Root used for mu cilage and for other purposes ; also medicinal. The root of commerce has its brown outer covering removed. Rarely cult., but occasionally escaped in marshes near the coast. roles, Cav. HOLLYHOCK, which see for culture. St. strict and spire-like, lmiry : lvs. large and rough, rounded-heart-shaped, wavy-angled or lobed: fls. large and nearly sessile, in a long wand-like raceme or spike, in many forms and colors. Biennial. China. B.M. 3198. ficifolia, Cav. Biennial, 5-8 ft.: lvs. 7-lobed, toothed: fl. yellow or orange, large, in terminal spikes, showy. Eu. lnt. by Franceschi, Cal., as A. sidwfolia.L. H. B.