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English Names: Rock Madwort, Golden Tuft, Basket of Gold.

Small, fragrant, golden-yellow flowers in compact clusters profusely borne on low, leafy, spreading stems, woody at the base, less than a foot high. Leaves small and rather slender, silvery and persistent, forming a compact spreading mat. Excellent for edging the herbaceous border or for the rock garden, on account of its neat habit and the brilliant sheet of color it forms in early spring. Good also for cutting. If the flower stems are cut back after blooming, a second crop of blossoms may be expected late in the fall or even after frost. A perfectly hardy perennial of easiest culture, prefers well-drained soil and a sunny situation; succeeds in very dry places. Propagate by seed, cuttings, or by division. Var. variegdtum has variegated foliage but is not so good as var. compactum.

Under glass, requires temperature of a carnation house. It will stand considerable frost in the open, and may be sown early; if blooms all summer, and until killed by winter. Useful for window gardens and bas kets.

For winter bloom, sow seeds late in Aug. or in Sept. When blooms begin to fail, cut back the plant, and it will bloom again. The perennial species are usually prop. by dividing the roots ; also by cuttings and seeds. 4. Fls. white. maritimum, Dam. (A. odordlum, Hort. ). SWEET ALY5 sml. Fig. 74. A low, spreading, light green annual, with lnnceolate or linear entire lvs., tapering to the base, and small honey-scented fls. in terminal clusters, which be come long racemes. En. Many cult. vars.: Bénthami or compaotum, a dwarf and compact form, not over 6 in. high ; variegatum, with pale white-edged lvs.; gigan teum. robust, broad-Ivd.; procambens, of spreading habit; and various horticultural forms with trade names. lpinolum, Linn.

A woody-stemmed little perennial, with lanceolate acute silvery lvs., spiny fl. branches, and very small numerous fls. Eu. Rockwork; 3-6 in. 74. Sweet alysuurn (X }i). AA. Fls.yelIou: .' perennials. B. Lvs. % in. or less long. serpyllilolium, Desf. (A. alpésire, Linn.’l). Dwarf (3-1 in. high), somewhat woody at the base. with rough hoary lvs., and pale yellow fls. in racemes. Eu. Int.l892. BB. Lvs. 1 in. or more long. ls-Xatile, Linn.

GOLDEN-TUFT. A foot high, woody at base : lvs. oblanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, entire or wavy, hoary-tomentose : fls. golden yellow, numerous, in little compact clusters. Eu. B.M. 159. A.F. 5: 37. —Common in rockwork, making a spreading mat, bloom ing in early spring. There is a dwarf var. (compdclumy, and a pretty variegated variety sold as A. 1-uriegdlmn. Gemonénse, Linn. Less hardy than the last: lvs. lan ceolate, velvety: fls. lemon-yellow: st. usually more woody at base. Eu. mm-amm, Stev. (A. Wiérzbickii, Heuif.). About 20 in.: lvs. 2 in. long, broad-oblong, pointed, hairy: fls. deep yellow, in dense heads, in summer. Asia Minor. argénteum, Vitm. Dwarf and dense grower, 15 in. or less: lvs. oblong-spatulate, silvery beneath: fls. yellow in clustered heads, all summer. Eu. L H_ B_

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