(Savoy name). .R08dC€(!3. Shrubs or small trees of Eu., Asia and Amer.: lvs. alternate, simple, usually serrate: fls. white, in racemes, rarely solitary; calyx tube campanulate, 5-lobed, lobes narrow, retlexed, persistent; petals 5; ovary 2-5-celled, each subdivided and containing 2 ovules: berry round or ob long, with prominent cavity, red or dark purple, sweet, juicy. Temperate regions around the globe. Species few and closely related. Desirable for ornament, the dwarf varieties also valuable as fruit-bearing plants. AMES 57 Bloom very early in spring, often before lvs. appear. They thrive upon avariety of soils and overawide range, succeeding well in dry climates. Prop. by seeds or suckers. A. ordlis and A. alplna of horticulturists, sometimes purporting to come from Eu., are our native Pyrus nigra, which see. See Jmleberry. A. 1'/vs. acute or acuminale, finely serrate. B. Peta ls narrow, Ianceolulc. oblanceolate or spalulate. Canadénsis, Medic. Cosmos Smm-acsn. Trcc. 25-40 ft., upright, narrow, oblong, round-topped : trunk tall, straight: branches small, spreading: lvs. oval or ovate, acute or acuminate, rounded or cordate at base. sharply and finely serrate, soon becoming glabrous: fruit glo bose. Early summer. Newfoundland to Flu... west to Ark. and Minn. S.S. 4:19-1. Botryapium, DC. (A. Canadénais, var. oblongifblia, Torr. & Gray). Comma Dwaar Jvmasnnav. Bush or small tree : lvs. and flower-stalks whitish woolly when 'oung, often nearly or quite glabrous when old; lvs. ob ong, broadly elliptical, seldom cordatc,often pointed at base: racemes dense, shorter than in A. Oonadensis; fls. smaller: fr. juicy, of good flavor. New Brunswick to Fla., west to M0. and Minn. B.M. 7619. G.C. Ill. 21: 333. S.S. 4:195, asA.Ca/nudénsis var. obovtllis, Sarg Asiatica, Endl. (A. Uanadhisis, var. Japénirrr, Miq. A. -Iupénica, Hort. ). Small tree with slender branches: lvs. ovate-elliptical, acute, densely woolly when young: racemes dense, compound. China and Jap. BB. Petals broad, obovate. oligocarpa, Roem. Low shrub 2-9 ft., nearly glabrous throughout: lvs. thin, narrowly ovate or oblong, pointed at each end, finely and sharply senate: racemes few flowered; petals broad, obovate: fr. dark blue-purple, pear-shaped, with heavy bloom, sweet, of pronounced flavor. Swamps, Lab. to N. Y. G.F. 1: 247. AA. Lvs. broader, obtuse or rounded at apex, coarsely serrate or dcntate. alnilolia, Nutt. Fig. 78. Shrub : lvs. thick, broad, oval or nearly circular, coarsely toothed toward the apex: petals narrowly obovate or oblanceolate, cuneate: fr. dark purple or blue, with bloom, large, sweet, juicy. W Ont. to Mich., New Mex. and westward. G.F‘. 1:185; 5: 415. S.S. 4: 196.—A valuable species for fruit or or nament. Aronia alnilolia of some lists. rotundifolia, Roem. (A. Canadénsis, var. rolundifolia, Ton-, & Gray). Low, strugglish bush: lvs. rounded, coarsely serrate: fr. ripening after A. Canadensis. N. Brunswick to Minn. spicata, Dec. Small bush 1-3 ft.: lvs. elliptic or oval, rounded at both ends or somewhat cordate at base : fls in numer ous 4-10-fld. racemes: plant woolly on young growths, but becoming glabrous. Dry, rocky places. Pa. and N. J. valgarls, Mlinch. Ssavics-asaar. Dwarf shrub : lvs. roundish, coarsely serrate, woolly beneath when young : racemes short; petals long narrowly oblanceolate : fr. blue-black. Cent. Eu.—Cult. for ornament ; also for fr. under the name of European J1"19b9"')'- FRED W. Cam).