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(Greek-made name). Scitamindcem. Hot house ginger-like herbs, with narrow entire lvs., and fls. in dense cone-like spikes, which'are usually near the base of the plant or on a scape. Closely allied to Alpinia (which see for culture). Cardamon, Linn. Caansmon. Thick, spicy, lanceolate lvs.: plant 4-8 ft.: fls. brownish, in a recumbent com pound spike. E. Ind. Produces the Cardamon seeds of commerce. Not to be confounded with Eleltaria Carda momum (which see). Other species are A. angustifolium. Sonner,with linear-lanceo late lvs. and yellow fls., Ma<lag.; A.1)dnielli,Hook.,lvs. lance oblong and ii. and yellow, Afr.; A. Granum~Paradls1', Linn. (A. granditlorum, Smith),with colored stems and white tinted fls.,Afr.; A.maqn(I1'cum,Benth.& Hook. (Alpinia mag nitlca, Roscoe). 10-12 H., fls. very numerous, in a gaudy bracted head, large, red. Mauritius, B.M. 3192; A. vittdlum, Hort.==Al pinia vittnta; A. vitellinum, Lindl., with oval lvs. and yellow fls.,E. Ind. L_ H_ B_

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