(Greek amorphos, deformed; the fls. are destitute of wings and keel). Leguminosm. Shrubs: lvs. alternate, odd-pinnate, deciduous, with entire leaf lets : fls. in dense, terminal spikes, small,papilionaceous, but without wings and keel; stamens exserted: pod short, slightly curved, with 1-2 seeds. Eight species, 6 in N. Amer. Hardy flowering shrubs, with graceful fo llage, well adapted for small shrubberies, especially in somewhat dry and sunny situations. Prop. usually by seeds ; also by reenwood cuttings under glass in early summer, or b ardwood cuttings, placed in sheltered situations ear y in fall and left undisturbed till the fol lowing autumn. They may be grown, also, from layers and suckers. canéscenl, Nutt. Lnan Pnswr. Low shrub, 1-3 H., densely white-canescent: lvs. sessile, 2-4 in. long, leaf lets 21-49, nearl sessile, oval or ovate-lanceolate, 4-7 lines long: fls. lilue, the spikes crowded into terminal panicles. June. S. states. Mn.5:707. B.M.6618. R.H. 1896:280.—Handsome free-flowering shrub of dense habit, well adapted for rockeries and borders of shrub beries in sunny and well-drained situations. fruticosa, Linn. Bns-man Inmoo. Shrub, 5-20 1't.: lvs. pet-ioled, 6-16 in. long, leaflets 11-21, oval or elliptic, mostly obtuse and mucronulate: spikes dense, 3-6 in. long, usually in panicles ; fls. dark purple. From Wis. and Pa. south. B.R. 5:427.— Interesting ornamental shrub of spreading habit, with flne, feathery foliage; remarkable for the unusual color of its dark violet purplish fls. A very variable species; slightly differing forms have been described, and are cult. under many dif ferent names, as, e. g.: A. Caroliniana, Croom ; crosso la11afo,Wats.; dea-lbnfa,Hort.; ela{a,Hort.; fragrans, Sweet ; 1'/lab-ra, Desf.; lazvigata, Nutt.; L0u'isi, Lodd.; Ludoricirma, Hort. ' mimosi/olia, Hort.; 01-nata-,Wend.; paniculula, Torr. dz Gr.; Tenneaseensia, Shutt1ew.; T010110, Buckl. A.Cah'I6m|'ca,Nutt. Allied to A. fruticosa. Pubescent: sts. and leaf-stalks furnished with prickhr glands: spikes usually single. Ca1if.—A. herbdcea,\Valt. (A. pubescens,Wil.ld.), 2-4 It.: lvs. nearly sessile, pubescent or glabrous; leaflets with black glands beneath : spikes mostly panicled ; fls. blue or white. S. states. L.B.(). 7:689.—A.m|'c1'oph1]lla, Pursh. (A. nana. Nutt.). One ft. high : leaflets small, %in. long, crowded, -glandular be nenth: spikes usually single. From Minn. and Iowa west to Rocky Mts.—A. virgdta, Small. Allied to A. fruticosa. Peren ninl, 2—6_ H., sparingly branched: leaflets broad, coriaceous: spikes single or few. S. states. Au-RED REHDEB"