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(Greek-made name). A1-oldece. Giant aroids, from the eastern tropics, grown as curiosi ties in hothouses. Spathe (or “flower ”) springing from the great bulb-like tuber in advance of the lvs., the latter usually pedately compound: differs from Arum and re lated genera by technical characters. Monogr. by En ler in De Cando1le's Monographim Phanerogamarum, vo . 2, 1879. Amorphophalluses are propagated by offsets of the tubers. Towards the end of March the plants should be taken from their winter quarters and placed on the stages of a moderately warm greenhouse and kept moist, where, if the tubers are strong enough, they will soon flower. The leaves begin to row immediately after the flowering season. Towards t e end of May they should be planted out in the open ground, or they may be used in subtropical bedding. Plants should be lifted in the fall, before frost, and potted in any good, rich soil, and placed in awarm greenhouse to ripen of the leaves, after which they may be stored away under the greenhouse stages, or any convenient place where the temperature does not fall below 50°, giving just sufilcient moisture to keep the tubers from shriveling. Cult. by Enwaan J . CANNING.

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