amph', both, and home, hair; the seeds havingatuft of hairat both ends). Bignonidcem. Green house herbaceous rockery plants from the Himalayas, with large, rosy, funnel-shaped, 5-lobed fls. A. arullta, Royls. Height 3 ft.: leaflets in 3-4 pairs, sessile, lanceoiate. acuminste. deeply serrate: fls. in terminal racemes, fewer than in the next : corolla tube not orange-colored ; calyx lobes long, awl-shaped. P. M. 6:79.—A. Embdi, Royle. Height 154-3 ft.: leaflets in 5-7 pairs, cordate-ovate, obtuse. shortly petiolulate. margin r-renatelobate: fls. at first corymbose; co rolla tube and throat orange: calyx lobes short, thick, fleshy. B.M. 4890. Ga. 8. p. 25. (in. 38, p. 458. RS. 11:1109.