(name refers to the heart~shaped char acter of the nut). Anacmrdidceaa. Eight or ten species native to the Amer. tropics, of which one is widely cuit.: ocoidentals, Linn. Cssnsw. A large, spreading tree, very impatient of frost, and there fore adaptable only to extreme southern Fla. in the U. S.: lvs. oval, rounded, or even emarginate at the top; fls. rosy tinted, fragrant, in pani cles terminating the young branches : nut kidney-shaped or heart-shaped, the size of a large bean, the kernel edible. This nut is borne on a fleshy receptacle (the cashew apple)which varies from the size of a cherry to that of a pear, from white to yellow and red, and is acid and edible. Gn. ll, p. 2ll.—A vinous liquor is made from the apple. The kernel of the nut yields oil, and is edible when roasted ; the shell of the nut is exceedingly acrid, even the fumes from the roasting being highly irritant. The tree yields a gum which is the basis of a varnish, being used to protect books and woodwork from the ravages of white ants and other insects. The tree grows 20-40 ft. high. L_ H_ B_