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Anagallis (Pimpernels)

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Anagallis (Pimpernels)

(Greek, meaning delightful). Pn'muld cur. PIMPERNEL. Annual, biennial or perennial herbs cult. in the open. In Amer. only the annual species are generally known. Fls. axillary: lvs. in pairs or 3's. These are easily grown in awarm soil, the seed usually being sown where the plants are to grow.

The perennials are prop. by division and are grown in glass houses, or well protected if grown in the open. arvénsis,Linn. Pooa MAN'BWEATHER-GLASS. Spread ing and low : lvs. ovate, pale, shorter than peduncles : fls. small, red towhite, the petals fringed with glandular teeth. Annual. Eu.—-Often runs wild. Fls. said to close on the approach of rain. Var. cmrulea, Neilr. (A. cwnllea, Lam.). Blue fls. Supposed to be more tender. llniiolia, Linn. More upright, a foot high : lvs. linear or lanceolate: fls, blue. Many named varieties, in various colors and habits. Biennial or per ennial, but most of the annual Anagalliaes of gardens are supposed to be forms of it, as A. grandilltlra, An drews (blue annual); A. colllml, Schousb. (vermilion, greenhouse); A. Mnrélll, Linn. (blue, greenhouse); A. Wilmoredna, Hook (purple). S. Eu. and N. Ai’r. B..\I. 319, 831 (as A. fruticbsa), 3380.—’I‘he biennial forms often cult. in cool greenhouses. L_ H_ B_

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