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(modified from aboriginal S. Amer. name). Written also Ananassa. Bromeliu'ceze. Stove herbs, al lied to the Billbergias, and demanding the same general treatment. As ornamental subjects, grown mostly for the rosette of rigid lvs. and the strange often colored head of fleshy fls., which are 6-cleft, with 6 stamens and one style. The ripe head is composed of the thickened rachis, in which the fleshy berry is imbedded, and the fleshy persistent bracts; in the pineapple, the fls. are abortive. Prop. by the leafy crown or topknot, by strong suckers, or by small offsets from the base : these are treated as cuttings, being rooted in sand with bottom heat, or in the S. set directly in the field. Monogr. by Mez, DC., Monogr. Phaner. 9. lativns, Schult. L PINEAPPLE, which see for field cul ture. Fig. 83. Plant producing a single shaft 2-4 ft-. high, and when 12-20 mos. old bearing a head or pine apple, on the top of which is a rosette of stiff lvs.: lvs. long and sword-shaped, stifl, more or less rough~edged. The same stalk does not bear a second time. but a new shoot may arise from the same root and bear another. Better results are usually secured by se\'ering the sucker or crown. and growing a new plant. Amer. tropics. B.M. 155}. B.R. 108.l.—There is a common cult. form (var. 1-aricgdta orslratifblia), with striped lvs. Gn. 51, p. 57. A . P01'!cd1ms, Koch,is a form of A . sativus, with olive-green, sharp-spined lvs. with a yellow central band. A. Oorhirnchinénsis, Hort, is another form (in troduced' by Pitcher & Manda, 1891). A.bra4-tedtuc, Schult. f.. is a showy species with red heads. all the bracts being elongated, spiny and prominent. Braz. B.M. 5025. Regarded by Mez as atom of A. sntivus.——A.1nac rodéfltea, E. .\iorr., like a Bromelia.hns large toothed bracts. Bra1..—A. Mordilbnua. Hort., a form of A. sativus probably, has variegated spineless lvs. L_ H_ B_