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Androsace (Rock Jasmine)

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Androsace (Rock Jasmine)

(Greek-made name). Primuldcea. Small tufted plants cult. in the nlpine garden, those known in Amer. being perennials. Fls. constricted at the throat, primula-like, in umbels, on short leafless scapcs. Fl. in very early spring. Many species are known in European gardens, but alpine-gar dening is little known in this country, and only those s ecies which have been found to succeed, and are in t e trade, need to be mentioned.


A well-drained soil, partial shade, free circulation of air, frequent waterings during our dry summer months, and protection from heavy fall and spring rains, will lead to success with these charming alpines. A heavy shading of evergreen boughs in winter will be found of great benefit. Close covering is not to be recommended, because it smothers the plants.

The northern aspect of a steep rockery seems to be the most favorable position for them. Prop. by division, seeds or cuttings. Plants should be kept in pots until thoroughly established.

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