(Greek, naked; the panicles devoid of sporangia). Schizwdcecv. A genus of tropical ferns, with the lower pair of pinnte elongate and bearing the sporangia in panicles at their extremities. Of the 40 species, two are found in the southern states, and a few are occasionally in cult. L_ M_ UNm;RwooD_ Anemias are dwarf, compact ferns, suited for shelves, or for growing near the glass in warm pits or low houses. They prefer being grown in small pots to being planted out in the fernery. Their growth is too slow to make them popular decorative ferns for general pur poses. Prop. by spores, which germinate freely ; tufted kinds by division between Mar. 15 and Apr. 30. —Schnei der, Book of Choice Ferns.