(Anemone-like). Rammculdceov. A monotypic genus from Japan, now much planted in American gardens. A beautiful hardy plant for border purposes. Perennial herb, with erect stems; radical and stem lvs. rather large, ternately compound and much incised, similar to Actsea : sepals many (often only 9), regular, petal-like, deciduous ; petals many (often 12), short, sessile, with nectariferous impression at the base; carpels few (3-4), forming many-seeded follicles. In general appearance similar to the Japanese Anemones. but smaller in all its parts, and with numer ous drooping fls., about 1% in. across, of pale purple color. Thrives well in rich. deep loam, in well-drained situations in partial shade. Prop. by division or seed, in late fall or early spring. macrophylla, Sieb. & Zucc. (A. Calildmica, Hort.). The only known species. The petals, instead of spread ing, form n. half-closed bud-like cone within the sepals. K. C. DAVIS.